New Year Count Off To Love

Rainbow of hope by Don Moseman

Counting New and Old video

Turning of the Wheel poem

One Hand Discernment Dance Practice


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh

Counting New and Old video
(submitted by Dorothy Finnigan)
Beat the drum from 1-100 cuz 2010 here we come:

Turning of the Wheel poem
by Kelly Webb-Ferebee from Texas

“As I ponder how I will complete a questionnaire I do each year called “Turning of the wheel”….endings and beginnings….taking stock of 2009 and setting intentions for 2010, I reread my answer to last year’s question about my theme for 2009 to which I then wrote a poem and illustrated it (in a stick-figure way). This was before I began the life practice program. I find it so interesting that my theme was (then, metaphorically speaking) “dance”  – especially given my profound experience during the January 2009 weekend in Austin.”

Dance with abandon
Moving at all tempos
Even stillness counts
Dance with words
Dance with music
Make your dance yours
Like the way it feels to
Form your words
While singing
Dance with pianists, with producers
& directors
Dance in places
You’ve never danced before
Allow your body to have what it wants
Give yourself over
To the dance
That is calling your name
And love every second
Of your moments in
The limelight
Relax into the dance
Let yourself rest in the dance
But most of all—
Keep dancing
It’s time for you to dance
Dance for all you’re worth
Dance for all the time
You’ve wanted to dance
And stopped instead
Dance the whole time
You have left—
Perfect your dance—
Enjoy it’s effect upon you
And upon others
Your soul loves to

One Hand Discernment Dance Practice
Want to know what your body wants this year?
Sitting or lying down, raise one hand in the air. To warm up, for ten seconds each, move smooth, then fast, then slow, then jerky, then jerky and slow.
Shake it out then make a few shapes with stillness.
Then let go and let your hand dance to Trish Watts “Kerala Memories”
with the open ended query, “what does my body want in 2010?”

Raise a hand in blessing as we “Dance Our Lives”

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh


Note: Trish Watt’s new CD Gajara honors InterPlay India. CathyAnn Beaty, Cynthia Winton-Henry, and she are accompanied by Tony Hole, Trish Delaney, Diane Christopherson, and Allison Lee January 6-21, 20101 in Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, Pune, and Mumbai.


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