Side By Side

This image comes from the newly created InterPlay Inspiration Deck by Anita Bondi

The Story of Side by Side story

The Orangutan and the Hound Dog video

Dancing Side By Side/Raise a Hand in Blessing Movement


Take a deep breath… let it out with a sigh

The Story of Side by Side story
(From the newly released InterPlay Inspiration Deck)

Side by Side are best friends who have always been together. They were born on the same street, went to the same schools, and now live in the same green-colored apartment building in San Francisco.  They like almost all the same foods, work for the same company and even vacation together.  Side by Side consider themselves extremely lucky, having mastered the fine art of being totally themselves while being together.  They are 100% real and authentic with each other. They know that they are happier together than apart, and so they keep it that way!

The Orangutan and the Hound Dog video

Sometimes our friends and playmates are just like us and sometimes they seem to be completely different. What matters is our desire to exist side by side with whomever we choose. Enjoy this video demonstrating that we really do know who we want to be and who makes us feel good, even if the rest of the world says we don’t belong together…

Dancing Side By Side/Raise a Hand in Blessing Movement

Picture three people that you like to be with and imagine yourself dancing with them.  Have fun dancing side by side while listening to Stan Stewart’s musical improvisation  (created in an InterPlay class for a walk, stop, run on the practice of side by side).

Side by Side improvised by Stan Stewart

As you finish, hold a moment of stillness, raise a hand in blessing, turn a full circle, and see all of those side by side you smiling and supporting you!

Take a deep breath… let it out with a sigh



This week’s post is created by Anita Bondi and Stan Stewart, InterPlay Leaders in PA. Anita is most excited about her newly created and released InterPlay Inspiration Deck. To find out more or purchase your own set, visit Stan is having a blast with his newest musical toy: a looper!  (That is what he used to create the song above!!) Purchase Stan’s music at

For anyone in Oakland and the surrounding area–you are invited to a book release party! Hear Cynthia Winton-Henry read from her new book and meet Anita Bondi and Stan Stewart and the InterPlay Inspiration Deck. This event is at InterPlayce, Saturday Nov 21, 4-6 pm and is free!


4 Responses to Side By Side

  1. Donna Fromm says:

    thank you….lifted my day!

    Beautiful jewelry too Anita! WOW…

  2. cynthia says:

    Thanks so much! Love it. Hope you’ll do another one in the coming months. I’ve been thinking of the InterPlay organization as one that grew from side by side solo dances to interlocking contact. Both movements are key to interplaying. YAY.

  3. Cassandra says:

    You’ve activated my inner orangutan! And that yummy improvisation feels so good in my mouth.

  4. Marlys says:

    Your cards ARE and inspiration! Love them. This side by side view of the natural world is sooooo great!

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