Receive Your Life

Rose Photo by Don Moseman

"Rose" Photo by Don Moseman

Friday Morning Virtual InterPlay: Receive your life!

Why poem

Receive Thyself! practice

The Climb song/video

A Blessing: Where I Live Now poem

Raise a hand in blessing movement

In InterPlay we like to “have” our self and our world. Tend to give yourself away? “Take back” your focus and receive. Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Why poem
by Nanao Sakaki in
Break the Mirror submitted by John Diller at Secrets of Leading in Seattle

Why climb a mountain.

Look! a mountain there.

I don’t climb mountain.
Mountain climbs me.

Mountain is myself.
I climb on myself.

There is no mountain

nor myself.
moves up and down
in the air.

Receive Thyself! practice
Practice hanging out, easy focus, rolling around.

TraceyJoy in Oakland got this inspiration.
“I go into the bathroom, lock the door, leave the light off and stand in the dark until I can see my hands. When I walk back out of the bathroom, I’ve noticed my body has relaxed including my eyeballs. My vision is much wider taking in more peripheral visual data than before I went into the bathroom.”

The Climb song/video

Listen to Miley Cyrus’ pop version encouraging the same idea in “The Climb”

A Blessing: Where I Live Now poem
by Rita Otis, spiritual director, InterPlayer, from Nebraska at the Secrets of InterPlay in Des Moines, IA

Perhaps up north it would be said latitude and longitude.
Said with a “tude” of an attitude.
But in my postmenopausal glacial slide,
Carving out lakes with my breasts
To be filled with the milk of human kindness,
Rounding out around the earth
To summersault into the saline bath of ocean;
I land in lanquitude and loungetude.

Raise a hand in blessing movement

When we dance hand-to-hand we often practice opening the space between us. We can feel that connection even when we aren’t right together. Ahhhhh….Raise a hand in blessing. Receive rather than send it today.

Listen to Come and Play by James Shattauer while you dance.

Take a deep Breath and Let it out with a Sigh.


2 Responses to Receive Your Life

  1. Virginia (Ginny ) DeMers says:

    I never knew what this email was and kept deleting it. Thank you for opening a place just to be!


    I love the rain
    in front of cool
    air that will dry
    the sweat and push
    me in, us in
    to warmth we make
    from suffered heat.

    We make our hate.
    We seek our ease.
    We welcome change.
    We breathe in thanks.

  2. fridaymorninginterplay says:

    Welcome Ginny! So glad you found grace in the posting this week. Thank you for sharing your poetry.

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