Blessed Imperfection

Buddha in grass in Colorado

Buddha in the grass in Colorado

Friday Morning Virtual InterPlay: Blessed Imperfection

Consider perfection video

If I Didn’t have to do it Perfectly poem

Struggle with imperfections? practice

Raise a hand in blessing movement


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….

“The best way to increase happiness, is to lower your expectations.”
—Phil Porter

Consider perfection video
Outward perfection has its cost. Professional dancers nurse injuries, sustain grueling schedules, and fight to rise to the top. Perfect? Yet how they inspire us!

If I Didn’t have to do it Perfectly poem
by Billie Mazzei (Seattle InterPlayer)

If I didn’t have to do it perfectly,
I would be a ballet dancer.
When I think about it,
it makes me laugh.
I see the pink elephants
in their little tutus,
dancing in Disney’s Fantasia.
When I stop laughing
I go inside
where the music begins

and I start to dance.

tentatively at first,
then more boldly
with grace and confidence.
I whirl and twirl on pointe.
I leap and glide.
The music swells to a crescendo.
I am overcome by the glory of it
and the way my body responds.
There is no audience
and no need for one.

Every fiber of my being applauds

Struggle with imperfections? practice

Look for the good, affirm it

In your body…

In your loved ones…

In your work and play…

Why not make a song out of it? “I am grateful for…..”

Enjoy the present, That’s where a bigger perfection plays.

Raise a hand in blessing movement

When we dance hand-to-hand we often practice opening the space between us. We can feel that connection even when we aren’t right together. Raise a hand in blessing. Turn in a full circle (or not) and know that others are sending blessings to you too.

Listen to Simon Gray’s wonderful song Freedom to Love about improvising while you dance.

Take a deep Breath and Let it out with a Sigh.


4 Responses to Blessed Imperfection

  1. Sheila Collins says:

    Thank you so much for these coordinated, multi-media activities. I love feeling connected to InterPlayers around the world who are doing this on their Friday morning, (or their virtual Friday morning) whenever that occurs. It helps to keep my time alone an experience of solitude rather than isolation. Keep up the good play. Hugs, Sheila

  2. Laurie Rudel says:

    Made me laugh . . . not a bad way to begin a Friday morning!!

  3. Patricia Wood says:

    What a great way to begin a day of recovery from an awful cold/sinus infection. I moved, I breathed, I sang with my hands (laryngitis too). Sweet!!!

  4. fridaymorninginterplay says:

    So glad you all are enjoying the connection on Fridays. Thank you for connecting with us!

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