Seeds of Affirmation

InterPlayers in Michiana (Michigan + Indiana)

InterPlayers in Michiana (Michigan + Indiana)

Friday Morning Virtual InterPlay: Seeds of Affirmation

Synchronicity by Maree Haggerty
Chant by Mary Grigolia
Hand holding meditation
Poem by Oliver Crichton, North Carolina
Raise a Hand in Blessing

Take a Deep Breath and let it out with a sigh.


Maree Haggerty in Australia wrote about the synchronicity of opening last week’s Friday Morning Virtual InterPlay:

I have an appointment that I need to keep in about half an hour, so was packing up my desk in preparation. I stood up to leave my desk and thought, “I could take a quick look at last week’s Friday Morning Virtual InterPlay messages.” So, I sat back down at the computer, opened my emails…and ping! There was this morning’s message that popped up! I LOVE these messages…keeps me connected no matter what I’m needing to attend!

“Love Opens” Chant by Mary Grigolia

At the end of the Oregon Untensive Cynthia requested a song I wrote. I recorded it this morning on my handy dandy little mac. Sing it at whatever pace, in whatever key pleases you.

Listen to the song: Love Opens

Here are the words:

Love opens up our bodies
Love opens up our spirits
Love opens up our hearts
We’re seeds of love.

Celebrate the love that births the seed.
Comfort one another when we grieve.
Greet each day together with the need to share this love.

InterPlay has my blessings to use and share the song, as long as you always give attribution. Enjoy! Mary Grigolia,

Hand-holding Meditation Practice
When we hold hands we form a ring. That’s a seed of affirmation. It’s said that 10 affirmations are needed to counteract one negative comment. Hold your own hand. Notice the seed space between your heart and hands. Fill it with affirming breath, movement, sound, song, words, or images. Then gather that up and plant it in your heart, your head, or wherever you need it.

Poem by Oliver Crichton from North Carolina

This I know:
Within the dance my life mends.
Its form is a circle.
And each beginning and end and sitting out
is a dance as well.
The circle is community.

Raise A Hand in Blessing
When we dance hand to hand we often practice opening the space between us. We can often feel that connection even when we aren’t right together. Raise a hand in blessing. Thrust some love seeds out in every direction. Turn in a full circle (or not) and know that others are sending blessings to you too.

Take a deep Breath and Let it out with a Sigh……


5 Responses to Seeds of Affirmation

  1. Bill Murphy says:

    Just wanted to share this poem I wrote about an experience of affirmation I had:


    You were here
    Really here

    I felt beloved
    Empowered to blossom
    In the warm embrace of St. Malachy
    The comforting heat released the yeast, yearning to rise
    And the bread of my life
    Burst open
    Releasing, filling the air
    With the sweet smell
    Of leaven
    Comfortable to be me.

    And You?
    A giraffe, swathed in colorful cloth
    With a gangly gait
    Gliding down the aisle
    Hands and arms akimbo
    Head steady, stately, erect –
    An African woman balancing a jug of water on her head.
    Shy, dignified, bold but not boisterous
    Quietly confident
    Secure in insecurity
    Craning overto smilingly bless a child.

    And now?
    An empty tomb
    Where affirming air
    Life-giving oxygen of a community of bread breakers had been,
    Always something to be listened to, to be heard,
    The life-giving Word of sound and presence
    Now, silence
    A vacuum to be filled
    A space in my heart.
    I await a resurrection. bzm – 6/21/08

    There’s nothing quite like being affirmed or affirming another. It fact it seems to me that the two go together in a sort of dance of life/energy.


    • fridaymorninginterplay says:

      Bill–thank you so much for sharing your poetry with us in this space. I hope that you will share more with us over time!

  2. Billie Mazzei says:

    Lovely, thanks…keep on sharing.

  3. sandi says:

    i still don’t get virtual interplay. for me interplay’s value is in its em-bodied wisdom and virtual is a head trip. but that’s me. i’ve kind of lost interest in head trips, even my own. and if the medium is the indeed the message….

    unfortunately, the names of songs in electronic letters can’t invite me to put on my headset to hear them. prose descriptions of exercises on translated electrons can’t invite my body towards movement as much as print on a page. i wish they did, because i miss interplay.

    but the looking at you today, even going as far as the comments instead of quitting early in sad frustration, led me to bill murphy’s poem. that’s not a trip of any kind. that’s the reality of heart’s movement into space and experiences so deeply shared with another and so fully felt into wordsmithing that even the so obvious unlivingness of electronica couldn’t prevent me in my live-alone home from being touched by another and moved.

    thank you.

    • fridaymorninginterplay says:

      Sandi–thank you for your reflections. Every-body responds differently to an experience. Notice what brings you grace and ease and practice more of that–whatever it is!

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