Witness and Behold

Friday Morning Virtual InterPlay: Witness and Behold

Multi-Generational InterPlay

Multi-Generational InterPlay

Easy Focus        practice
Witness and Behold       hand dance art
Witnessing by Cathy Ann     body wisdom
Behold Soyinka’s camp plays with Friday Am InterPlay    video
Raise Your Hand in Blessing    movement
Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Easy Focus movement
• Shake out one hand. Shake out the other.
• Shake one leg. Shake out the other.
• Shake out whatever you’re sittin’ on.
• Give your face a little massage.
• Twist from side to side for ten seconds (I dare you to stop.)
• Squirm and stretch if you want.
• Take another deep breath and let it out with a sigh
• Bring your fingers to that scrunchy “give it a hard look” place between your eyes where worry collects and give them a fling. Wheeeee…..
• Settle into your body and with easy focus take in the good that is before you.

Witness art from soul: hand dance with sand
Ilana Yahav uses only her fingers to make magnificent sand drawings on glass. This piece’s theme is “You are not alone. You’ve got a friend, who will help you through your pains and sorrow and will always be at your side.

Witnessing Wisdom- Cathy Ann Beaty        body wisdom
(Cathy Ann is a life practice and untensive leader. Enduring a decade of physical challenges, she knows what a gift and through-line witnessing provides. Her new blog is http://cathyannbeaty.wordpress.com)

Witnessing is such a simple form. You simply notice
how you are feeling, what you are thinking, what you
want to do, as you watch another in play.

Witnessing is delightful because it brings such joy.

Witnessing is insightful because it reminds us that
we belong.

Witnessing is magic because it can give our body
the divine experience of dancing without lifting a foot.

Witnessing is beauty because we know our own beauty when
we see another’s.

Witnessing is simple to do, simply notice what happens
in your body as you watch another, and in its simplicity
the unbelievable beauty of being human is revealed.

Witnessing is magic because in our stillness we get to
have the other’s dance.

Witnessing is a gift, we receive the wonder of who we
are as we take in the wonder of another.

Witnessing is a profoundly simple spiritual practice that
by its nature offers ease, beauty and joy

Witnessing can go everywhere with us… because it is
simply our awareness being curious about everywhere
we go

Witnessing is great entertainment and it is free

Behold video
(two and half minutes with Cynthia’s Friday Morning InterPlay and Soyinka Rahim’s “Our Thing”Performing Arts Camp)

Raise A Hand in Blessing movement and music
When we dance hand-to-hand we often practice opening the space between us. We can feel that connection even when we aren’t right together. Raise a hand in blessing. Turn in a full circle (or not) and know that others are sending blessings to you too. Take a deep Breath and Let it out with a Sigh……
To make this a dance, listen to one of phils early pieces…Enchata


2 Responses to Witness and Behold

  1. cynthia says:

    On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 11:16 PM, Cassandra Sagan

    Although I don’t think it is necessary to benefit from InterPlay to dig around in its Mystical Roots, it’s awfully fun to dig around. So.

    Doing that DT3 with only one person as my witness Sunday morning not only resolved some basic life issues, but was Totally Satisfying to me as a performer. Up until that moment I believed that I needed an audience of hundreds, okay dozens, or at the very least a minyan packed into a small enough room, in order to be satisfied as a performer. I LOVE to look out on people smiling at me. Tickled. Shining. And then–Wow–all it actually takes is a single human being as witness to affirm my performance, and by performance I mean: holding nothing back. (Bonus question: is that why you say Forms not Games?)

    So, question number 1: Can a cat count? Can I go all out for a cat? (on a mat, in a hat, singing scat?) Would I, could I , and question number 1A–Should I? Question number 1B–wouldn’t that be insane? And if it could be a cat, could it be a tree? A stone? A drop of rain? Is there no limit to this madness? I once draped myself in a sheer sarong and improvised a rock opera for a herd of grazing cows, but I had swallowed a small square of paper some time earlier that day.

    Question number 2: Is it possible to dance on behalf of any injustice, any suffering, any longing, any loss, any violation, and for it to make a difference? And if so, how could we ever do anything else?

    Kindly Respond.

    Cassandra Sagan
    xxo xxo xxo xxo

    Subject: Re: Questions

    Of course you can do it with a cat.
    The question is not “can you?”, but does it satisfy the desire in your heart? if not, then you might move on to the dog, or a tree or a minyan! Follow your desire Girl!

    and I absolutely agree with Cynthia’s answer to #2.
    I often use “Dance on Behalf of” as my prayer for anyone or anything I wish to support or just can’t understand, or is too big for my bodyspirit.

    And, my sweetie just LOVES when I can do a dance on behalf of him when he is in a challenge…(and I love it too, especially when I can witness).

    Love you!

    On Jun 24, 2009, at 12:33 PM, Cassandra Sagan wrote:

    Yes, I think you’re right Traceyjoy. Does it satisfy? I tried with my cat, but she ran away. So yes, I will go, girl.

    And I inadvertantly responded to only Cynthia–I’m going to start doing sneaky small dances on behalf of the moment in public places. 10 second one finger, eyebrow, elbow, whatever I can get away with.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Dorothy Finnigan

    In my book, no swallowed small squares of paper are needed to joyfully and artfully exist in a state of dance or song or stillness, within a grove of trees, below evening-roosting birds, accompanied by tidal rhythms. The redwood, the hawk, and the ocean are witnesses to the extent that I am blessed by their presence as they are blessed by mine. Their noticings *rarely* come in verbal form or in the sound of applause, though I have often experienced the exchange of a prayerful bow. I DO love living a constant performance in the wilderness, but I miss the distinctly human interplay. Witnesses with whom you enter into conscious agreement, are truly sacred.

    Fostering micro-cultures where the choice to witness and be witnessed exists and is engaged, IS part of life’s workplay to me.

    So because I too love questions and appreciate that you posed a few, I ask about your desire to be beheld: is your desire To Be Held? Can a cat hold you as you want to be held? Can any person hold you as you want to be held? You defined performance as “holding nothing back.” By holding “nothing” back, do we hold “everything” present? Is performance the state of holding oneself in the present?

    Is it possible that for some of us our walk through this world is our dance on behalf of all the injustices and joys that have come before and all the injustices and joys that lay ahead? Our lives are extended body-prayers for the world to be just that much more joyfully sacred.

    Thank you Cassandra for your willingness to play with yourself and others. Thank you for playing with me! Thanks for the thoughts you spurred this morning!

    With a short one-hand dance on your behalf,

    On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 7:00 PM, Cassandra Sagan wrote:
    Dorothy–I love you! Answering a question with questions–so Jewish!

    So yes, the small squares of paper are in a chapter of my book from a very long time ago. Yes, I can dance for my cat or my dog or a tree or a stone, but it is NOT the same as the human witness. Even that cow story was made precious by being able to tell it to Humans! And yes, I’m integrating the fact that there is never a moment in which it isn’t okay to “hold everything forward”, albeit within range of what is appropriate. It’s an epiphany I’ve had a dozen times, on different twists of the spiral. Today I began my practice of dancing on behalf of in public. I was walking down one of Portland’s most crowded streets, pretty slow, still tending my hip. (Dancing is easier than walking, hmmm.) And I came up behind an old woman with a cane and a bent hand, willowy, walking so slow and cautiously. I “passed” her and did a 15 second one-hand dance on her behalf, swoop, swoop, and whether or not she noticed, my heart just exploded with good feeling.

    Love and blessings

    Dorthy – Thank you for your wonderful articulation of the unique satisfaction that comes with witnessing – being witnessed and being a witness. They are both precious and rich for me.

    “Fostering micro-cultures where the choice to witness and be witnessed exists and is engaged, IS part of life’s workplay to me.” This is work I can enthusiastically sign up to do in the world. Again, thank you for your articulation!

    I love how each concentrated weekend immersion in InterPlay inspires me to spontaneously do this in the rest of my life…to share noticing and affirmations. yum! definitely an essential nutrient for the soul.

    This thread is inspiring me to also do some movement on behalf of out in public…how fun is that?

    At work the other day I found myself spontaneoulsy playing follow the leader with a co-worker… 🙂 as he passed me he made a hand gesture and I picked it up and carried it on in the direction I was going… it’s so fun to find myself being more playful in a formerly uber serrious atmosphere.

  2. Gabriele Panning says:

    Hallo all of you far away and so near by… from Germany I will send all of you finally my very dear greatings! Not every friday, but always a little bit more I do and enjoy this unseen community of all those who love and practise body wisdom. And always I feel a little bit better, more free, more joy, more confidence in my own way. And I really hope to be with some of you again in your country as I did in 2008. Blessing with you all. Yours Gabriele

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