The Festival Inside

June 5 09: The Festival Inside

Dorothy Finegan, InterPlayer/Juggler at an InterPlay Earth Day Teach-in at Georgian Court University, New Jersey

Dorothy Finegan, InterPlayer/Juggler at an InterPlay Earth Day Teach-in at Georgian Court University, New Jersey

Use these elements to have your own Friday morning InterPlay experience!

The Dance of Joy YouTube video
The Festival Inside by Stan Stewart  poem
An InterPlay in the Kitchen Tale by Anne Sigler story
Practices babble and movement
Raise a Hand in Blessing movement and music


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh….

Perfect Strangers doing “The Dance of Joy”   movement

Click here to watch this video.

The Festival Inside

By Stan Stewart   poem

I have a festival going on inside me.
Outside may be
Turbulent or mundane,
Ratcheted or insane.
Inside is celebratory.
Like a labratory
With a new discovery
Of my recovery.
I see the path behind.
I see the path ahead.
Neither are invalid.
Neither are pure ease
Nor pure pain.
Mixtures all of ingredients
large, small,
messy, neat,
required, treat.
Brew it up.
A concoction fit for
Enlivened awareness.
I have a festival.
I have.
I am.

(“Improvised” on my handheld and presented at a retirement celebration for a member of our weekly Monday night InterPlay class with frame drum accompaniment. Copyright 2009 by Music for the Moment, Inc.  Used by permission.)

An InterPlay in the Kitchen Tale: by Anne Sigler             story

Having lived on this planet for 63 plus years I’ve prepared quite a few meals. There are some days when cooking feels more of a chore than an opportunity to infuse the ingredients with love and creativity.  Some years back when feeling bored I quite spontaneously began invoking the voice of Julia Child – describing each step of food prep as if I were speaking to a TV audience. The harsh trill of her American English amused me at least – it didn’t matter if there was anyone else around or not.  Occasionally she still makes kitchen visits if I’m not feeling particularly enthusiastic about cooking or up for washing the pots and pans. I invite anyone else to try this….or find some other character to invoke for whatever task you need some lighthearted help with.

Practice babble and bounce

Using your high voice describe doing the laundry for thirty seconds or
consider something that really makes you happy and create a nineteen second “Festival Inside” dance with hops and jumps.

Raise A Hand in Blessing          music and movement

listen to Lydian Waltz by Stan Stewart as you raise a hand in blessing. Turn in a full circle (or not) and know that others are sending blessings to you too.

Taking a deep Breath, Let it out with a Sigh……


Want more? Visit Stan Stewart’s website

Enrollments are open for many Untensives including the Seattle Therapists Symplaysium, The Boston Untensive, the Oakland Summer Camp for Continual Creatives and InterPlay with Your Ancestors.

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